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There are many techniques models use during a performance to capture a clients attention and ultimately lead them into high paying private chats. Over time you will develop your own skill set through experience in front of the camera, and will be able to maximize your earning potential. The following are just a few suggestions we give to new models as a standard of good practice when performing live.




Environment Is Everything


The most fundamental part of web cam modeling is often times the easiest one to ignore. So many models are losing out on big opportunities this very moment because their room is poorly lit, the camera is positioned in the wrong place, there are distracting background noise, or simply because of a messy room.


You do not need a professional lighting kit to properly light your performance. Always check the quality of your broadcast on your computer before entering into a live chat room. If you need more light, try positioning a lamp right behind the camera lens for increased luminosity. Also make sure there is nothing blocking the camera view, and that it is positioned in a location that will show your entire body.


Make the effort to create a sexy appealing environment. If you are performing on a bed, choose a set of colored linen that compliments your skin tone and attire. There is no need to go out and purchase props and furniture, most clients enjoy that they are watching you 'at home' in your personal space. Do keep things tidy, and remove any distracting elements that may direct attention away from you and your performance.




Dress The Part


Tease your way into high paying private chat sessions by enticing clients with sexy, but not too revealing clothing. You don't want to give too much away right out of the gate, keep them guessing and working towards your reveal. Wear clothing that accentuates your best features, and choose your colors carefully to match the tone of your environment. Try to have a wide variety of outfits to choose from, as return clients enjoy watching a fresh new show each time they come back. Test a few different outfits in front of the cam before going live and make sure the camera responds well to the colors, as different lighting situations produce varied results.




Keep It Fun


Once you're engaged in a private chat session, the goal is to keep your client there for as long as possible. Give them a variety of options by keeping a few fun toys handy. This introduces new ideas and sparks a clients interest to stay for a prolonged period of time. Be creative, and use the power of suggestion to draw clients into the possibility of 'what might be'. Props and toys are an amazing way to turn a 5 minute session into a 20 minute session.




Personalize The Fantasy


Engage your clients with a personal response by using their name in chat, and replying in such a way that makes them connect with you on a level beyond the visual. Speaking to them directly using your microphone is the best way to achieve this. It invokes a sense of reality when a client hears their name moaned in a live chat room, and is a guaranteed way to draw more return visitors. Make direct eye contact with the camera when talking to your client, and give them the sense that you exist in the very same room they are in.


Be responsive to your clients request, but tease them into fulfilling a larger fantasy. Always keep a new surprise left to be revealed to draw them into longer private chat sessions.




Bring A Smile


Your clients are coming to escape and you are providing them with a service of pleasure to fulfill their fantasies. Keep a positive and energetic attitude and let your uplifting personality shine through. Keep the big beautiful smile on, giggle playfully, and let your body language do the work. If you bring negativity to the chat room, your clients will pick up on it and you'll clear out a room in no time. Remember, you never know when that next big spending return client is going to show up in your chat room so always be prepared to give an A+ performance. If you are troubled by something in your personal life, way too tired, or even too intoxicated, it may be a good idea to hold off on performing until you can bring a positive attitude to the room.





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